Our Value

EQUIPXP® (EXP) is a global industry leader with business units specializing in the sale, finance and transport of quality new and used heavy equipment to Frontier markets. EXP thrives on its unique ability to offer clients a comprehensive and innovative solution for projects of nearly any size and its successful approach has been responsible for moving thousands of equipment and parts into the Construction, Mining, Maritime and Oilfield sectors abroad.


EXP’s world headquarters is conveniently located in Houston, TX which is currently ranked as the fourth largest city in the United States. Houston is also home to one of the busiest and biggest U.S. Ocean Ports in the world which is placed second for total export tonnage in the USA.


To be recognized as a pioneer that advances global trade.


EXP's Mission is to supply quality equipment to Frontier markets for infrastructure and economic development.

Belief Statement

Equipment is a Tool. Empowerment is a Seed. We believe together they uncover the potential of each individual, which will enhance the quality of life for today and future generations.