Global Social Responsiblity

EQUIPXP® has always been concerned with the well-being of our customers and has expended efforts tracking the direct and indirect benefits of our equipment supply.  One such case study examined a transaction for the supply, finance and shipment of over 140 heavy equipment units.  It was later found that the equipment supply led to the creation of over 300 local jobs, significant infrastructure improvement over multiple regions, many new housing communities, and the development of an airport which futhermore provided a new mode of transporation that was otherwise difficult to access.

Empowering the Communities

EQUIPXP®’s initiative is to not only provide quality equipment to Frontier markets but also make available technical labor skills.  This added benefit provides a solution to empower the local workforce through the transfer of knowledge and ultimately enhance the quality of life for the local communities.

Going Green

EQUIPXP® participates and encourages company-wide ‘Green’ programs to reduce waste and protect the environment.