EQUIPXP® understands how identifying the proper skill set for a project can lead to maximizing the potential of your operation.  Our pool of candidates available for international recruitment carry a range of skillsets varying from mechanics, engineers and project managers to executive management.

EQUIPXP® Recruitment Process

  1. Assess the project
  2. Identify skillset(s) required for project success
  3. Match skillset with pool of availble candidates for fit
  4. Connect the chosen candidate with the client for assignment fulfillment
  5. Emphasis empowering by the transfer of knowledge to the local workforce

EQUIPXP® developed this service in response to our customers that required technical labor services for their projects and were unable to easily source same within their own market.  Our service not only provides a solution to fill this gap but moreso encourages the transfer of knowledge to the customer’s employees for self-sustainability.