Vernon Darko headshotDr. Vernon Darko / Group President

Dr. Vernon Darko is a Lee University graduate receiving his Business Administration degree  concentrating on International Business.  He continued his post-baccalaureate studies at the University of Houston and later awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Humane Letters by the Global Oved Dei Seminary University.

Dr. Darko has led the company to success with his 20 years of International business experience and remains continuously focused on establishing business relationships that will foster growth in emerging markets yielding mutually beneficial results.

Dr. Darko has served on the US EX-I M Bank’s SAAC (Sub Saharan African Advisory Committee) panel for multiple terms to formulate policies and procedures for the bank’s practice.

Dr. Darko is also author of “Think, Act, Breathe Global and Grow Your Business” which educates readers on how to expand business globally.